Our Capabilities & Skills

Our personnel have a range of skills including backgrounds in software development and web development but we have chosen to leave these functions to companies who specialize in these areas.

Our primary focus is on providing our clients with the best and most cost effective options in all areas of I.T. and technology so we work with specialists in many areas. We act as your I.T. Manager – ensuring the best solutions and always keeping your best interests in mind.

Please read below to see if our skills match your requirements.

Our key areas of expertize are:

♥ Windows Server

♥ Server virtualization

♥ Linux server

♥ Network design & implementation

♥ PC Management

♥ E-Mail servers

♥ Exchange Servers / Exchange On-Line

♥ Cloud data storage

♥ Remote access

♥ Software implementation

♥ Data Backup

♥ Disaster recovery plans

♥ Internet communications management

♥ Replicated retail store systems

♥ SOE PC configuration (Standard Operating Environment allowing fast deployment / reduced costs)

♥ Project management

Areas we outsource / project manage

♦ Web design

♦ On-line stores


♦ Network Cabling

♦ Software development

♦ Phone systems

♦ Plant management (SCADA) systems

♦ Accounting / ERP systems

Areas in which we would recommend other support companies.

Equally important with the list above (of our primary skills) is the following list of areas that we have either limited experience in or prefer not to work with.

◊ Apple mac networks

◊ Graphic design & printing companies

◊ On-line only stores (those that operate 100% on-line)