Your IT Management Team

All businesses use I.T. Someone in every business helps others with I.T.

Would a professional make I.T. Easy for your business?


♣ Qualified IT Professionals Our princpal consultants have Bachelor Degrees in Computing

♣ Full Time Our staff work full time in I.T. support. Your office manager or book keeper with good I.T. skills can't be expected to stay up to date with the latest trends in the fast moving I.T. industry

♣ We love I.T. To keep up to date in the I.T. industry, you have to enjoy I.T.


♣ Vast Experience We've bee doing I.T. for many years

♣ Access to our experience Because we visit your site on a regular basis, your staff have access to us to ask questions. Many hours can be saved by having regular access to a professional


♣ Diverse backgrounds Our staff come from a range of different I.T. related backgrounds.

♣ Speciallized skills We can call in the right person for the task. Your primary consultant has access to the consultants and will call them in when required

♣ Multiple consultants familiar with your business Although you will be assigend a primary consultant, at least one other consultant will visit regularly and be able to support your business


♣ Documented All facilities are documented and reviewd by a second support consultant.

♣ Focused Because we are on your premises, we are 100% focused on your business for the time we are there. You see our productivity and you know you are getting value for your money.