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We act as the I.T. Support Staff and I.T. Manager for a small number of regular clients.

We don't beleive that your business should be tied to a support provider.

If employ a full-time I.T. Manager or System Administrator and you're not happy with them, it can be very difficult under employment law to fire them. Support consultants that charge you for 3,6 or 12 month's in advance have you tied in and can make it very difficult for you to leave.

One of the main advantages of paying an external company for services must be that you can choose to freely move to another provider when and if you want to. California Enterprises beleive that if we are not doing an exemplary job of supporting your company, you should be able to move to another provider without restriction. If you ever beleive that you can't live without us, you should leave us immediately!!!

Our support documentation is always maintained and is available to the client. We expect and encourage our client's to review the documentation on a regular basis. It is their information, it should be complete, easy to understand and immediately available.

We encourage our clients to seek external audits/reviews and we trust that this will confirm that our consultants are doing their best for your business.

It is your business and your documentation. We are just providing the expertize to keep it up to date and available for your business.

We do not charge in advance. We do not charge a retainer.

We charge our clients in arrears for work performed. If you don't see value for the money spent, you may cancel our services without notice.

Priority support and call-out support is only available to our regular (minimum one visit per month) clients.

Vendor Independence

We are happy to work with any hardware or software vendor that you prefer. We don't push or promote products to make commissions or sales. We act in your best interests.

Multiple staff know you business

All clients are allocated a primary and alternate staff member. The alternate will review the support and documentation and disaster recovery plan whenever they are changed and will visit with the primary consultant at least once per quarter. The alternate staff member will perform site visits when the primary consultant is on annual leave or sick leave.