Our approach to keeping your business running smoothly

Engaging an IT Services company is easy. Getting value for your money is the hard part. Most support companies will setup an automated monitoring facility that notifies them when a typical problem occures. This can include a communication problem, a hard drive close to full or a failed backup. For this 'Monitoring' you can pay thousands of dollars per year. When you have a problem they will attempt to remotely fix it or send a techician to your office. Often the person atempting to fix your problem has never visited before and may not be efficient in diagnosing or rectifying your issue.

California Enterprises also monitor your systems and environment - however we visit you on a regular basis as well. On our site visits we confirm your backups have been working, ensure off-site rotation of backups are up to date and look for opportunities to improve your business.

At the start of each site visit, we perform our standard checks and review the request/task list that YOU maintain. We then work with you to prioritize the tasks list and start working on those tasks. We report to you and are guided by you.

If time permits, we will complete our allocated hours by improvoing your site documentation or identifying/implementing improvements. Any changes to your environment must first be authorized by you.

Solving our customers' problems will always be our business.

There's a lot to IT support!

Who do you turn to when a PC says "Contact your Systems Administrator"